About Us

The PRO ACT. team is led by Drew Wadsworth our in-house Building Surveyor and Town Planner. Drew has a 27 year history in local councils and a 40 year history in Building Control. Within Victoria his experience includes Knox, Melbourne, Hawthorn, Williamstown and Malvern. The One Stop Permit Shop has helped clients since 1994.

There are benefits of going to a private building surveyor with integrity, who is well known and respected.

With small agencies in Shepparton VIC, The PRO ACT. practice is well established as a small specialist office, acting on a fee for service basis.

The PRO ACT. team has a variety of industry experience and knowledge, meaning it is all geared up to face your challenges.

Ainslie, Rory, Di, Nikki, Amanda, Nicole and Mark are the first points of call for clients who phone or come in for an appointment. They are expertly able to handle your questions or queries, and are pleased to do so.

“PRO ACT. News” is our latest PRO ACT. informative industry newsletter. It is free and readily available to our colleagues and clients.