Dear Drew,

I found Pro Act News not only interesting but informative and educational.  I took the liberty of forwarding it to friends in the Alberta Government Building Regulatory Officials.

I weigh your success not in gold but diamonds.  You have a very enthusiastic team with a leader no less than yourself who has skills of motivating your colleagues.

Hi Drew,

I just received your message regarding issuing of the building permit – thank you for dealing with the matter so promptly.  You and your firm have been excellent to deal with, a far cry from Council I have to say…!

Many thanks.

Hi Drew,

Thanks for the permit.  I have been involved in the building industry for over 30 years and may I say that both you and all your friendly staff are fantastic.  I look forward to doing more business with you.

Dear Drew

Thank you so very much for all your support and guidance that you have given us throughout the project of extending our home – you and all your team have made the entire process completely seamless and stress free. I would not hesitate at all in recommending you to anyone considering building or extending, your knowledge and advice was priceless!

Many thanks once again and best regards,