DIY disasters cost homeowners $380m

Homeowners may not be as handy as they think as new figures show Australians have spent an estimated $380 million repairing botched DIY jobs.

The research conducted by Gumtree Australia revealed 75 percent of home owners have attempted their own project, with one in five resulting in a DIY disaster.

“Buyers and investors easily spot a dodgy renovation job. It will devalue their home.”

The most costly mistake homeowners make is tearing up perfectly good bathrooms or kitchens when they needed only paint jobs.

The research found Australian households spent $3.8 billion on tradespeople in the past year, with 54 percent sourcing Tradies online.

Director of Renovating Cherie Barber said people still needed to do due diligence.

Makeover Mistakes

  •  Lack of research: get several expert opinions, don’t over-capitalise, and don’t spend too much buying the property at first.
  •  No budget; prepare a plan that carefully analyses the best way to improve value. Get an expert opinion to see if it is worthwhile.
  •  No target buyer: if renovating for profit, appeal to potential buyers rather than your lifestyle.
  •  DIY: inexperience can lead to mistakes. Safety and correct procedures are vital. Professionals often work faster and more efficiently.
  •  Illegal work: missing permits, overlooked regulations and illegal works can result in a disaster. This can include large fines, being unable to sell the property, and potential demolition.
  • Yarra Ranges Council are reissuing 8 and 10 year old demolition orders!!